• Balance Screen Time

    Too much game time, TV time, or computer time?

    BalancePoints is a proven system that turns your child’s love of screen-time into the motivation to do other things.

    BalancePoints gives parents the ability to monitor and manage screentime and balance it with other important activities.

  • Motivate important activities

    Want your kids doing more beneficial and rewarding activities?

    Parents want kids to help around the house and engage in a variety important activities that improve health, fitness, creativity, curiosity and self-esteem.

    BalancePoints is a system that uses the power of “earning rewards” to motivate positive activities and behaviors.

  • Reward Learning

    Looking for ways to have your kids doing more online learning?

    There are truly fantastic educational and enrichment programs on the web in math, reading, history, science, music, etc.

    The problem is getting your kids to use them.

    BalancePoints ties the time your kids invest in educational programs to earning rewards they are motivated to earn.

  • Empower your child

    BalancePoints puts your child in control of earning the points they need and buying the rewards they want.

    Through BalancePoints parents set-up a clear set of Responsibilities, Challenges, Learning Activities, and Rewards.

    Each child knows exactly what he or she needs to do to earn the rewards they want. Each child controls the outcome.

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